GitLab Authorized Services

GitLab Authorized Services

Technology is only as powerful as your ability to use it.

Reduce time to market by accelerating the adoption of modern software delivery methods.

Leverage authorized GitLab Services from certified and trusted partners to  reach your goals in shorter time while increasing quality!

Licensing SaaS

DevOps Every occupied seat, whether by person, job or bot is counted in the subscription. The only exception are members with Guest permissions with a Gold subscription.

Since counts concurrent seats and not named users, you can remove members and add new members as you'd like as long as the total users at any given time is within your license count.

Licensing Self-managed GitLab

Every occupied seat, whether by person, job or bot is counted in the subscription.

The following are the only exceptions which are not counted towards the subscription:

Blocked users who are blocked prior to the renewal of a subscription will not be counted as Active Users for the renewal subscription but may count as true-up users for the term in which they were originally added. Members with Guest permissions on an Ultimate subscription do not count towards the subscription. Ghost User and Support Bot do not count towards the subscription.

Feature Sets

GitLab's Feature sets are very straight forward: each higher tier contains all functionality of the previous tiers. Hence e.g. Premium contains all features of Starter, and Ultimate includes all features of Silver & Starter.

Starter/ Bronze Premium/ Silver Ultimate/ Gold
Built-in CI/CD
Project Issue Board
Issue Weights
Code Quality
Code Quality
Introduction to GitLab Workflow
Getting started with Git and GitLab
Demo: CI/CD with GitLab
Idea to Production with GitLab 9.0
What is GitLab?
GitLab Overview (11.3)

Case studies of GitLab customers sharing their accomplishments — in their own words

GitLab makes superheroes out of users by helping them accomplish what they had previously only dreamed of. Hear the stories of how these goals became a reality and find out what they have planned for the future.

ESA Connecting the cosmos with Earth - How the European Space Agency uses GitLab to focus on space missions Read Case Study
ESA How GitLab CI supported Ticketmaster’s ramp up to weekly mobile releases Read Case Study
ESA The Cloud Native Computing Foundation eliminates complexity with a unified CI/CD system Read Case Study
ESA Worldline hosts 14,500 projects and has 3,000 active users on their GitLab platform Read Case Study
ESA GitLab offers Fanatics the CI stability they were searching for Read Case Study

GitLab ranked number 4 software company (44th overall) on Inc. 5000 list of 2018's Fastest Growing Companies

GitLab is now America's 4th fastest-growing private software company, and 44th overall on this year's Inc. 5000 list with revenue growth of 6,213 percent over the past three years. This is the first year GitLab has appeared on Inc.'s 5000 list.

This year's Inc. 5000 ranking system is based on the percentage of revenue growth qualifying companies saw from 2014 to 2017. For consideration, companies needed to be private, for-profit, independent and U.S.-based as of December 31, 2017. The companies must have also been incorporated by March 31, 2014 with a minimum revenue of $200,000 for that year and $2 million for 2017.

GitLab has 2/3 market share in the self-managed Git market

With more than 100,000 organizations self-hosting GitLab, we have the largest share of companies who choose to host their own code. We’re estimated to have two-thirds of this single-tenant market.

When Bitrise surveyed ten thousand developers who build apps regularly on their platform, they found that 67 percent of self-managed apps prefer GitLab’s on-premise solution.

GitLab CI is the fastest growing CI/CD solution

Our commitment to seamless integration extends to CI. Integrated CI/CD is both more time and resource efficient than a set of distinct tools, and allows developers greater control over their build pipeline, so they can spot issues early and address them at a relatively low cost. Tighter integration between different stages of the development process makes it easier to cross-reference code, tests, and deployments while discussing them, allowing you to see the full context and iterate much more rapidly. We've heard from customers like Ticketmaster that adopting GitLab CI can transform the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC), in their case helping the Ticketmaster mobile development team deliver on the longstanding goal of weekly releases. As more and more companies look to embrace CI as part of their development methodology, having CI fully integrated into their overall SDLC solution will ensure these companies are able to realize the full potential of CI.

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